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best skin cleansing system for 60+ person who still has oily skin

Asked by JoAnne Bollenbeck 3 Rep.

Best skin care regimen for a 60+ person with oily skin

JoAnne Bollenbeck answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Hi Joanne, thanks for the question. You should try my regimen builder which will provide you with a regimen based on your answers:

    Generally, there are a few products that I always recommend to my patients. In the morning, first start with a cleanser and toner, then a sunscreen like BeautyRx’s Solar Defense Sheer SPF 50 Sunscreen, which is the best way to prevent future skin damage. Finally, a moisturizer like our Soothing Moisture Cream.

    At night, continue with cleanser and toner, then exfoliate with a gentle yet effective exfoliant like Essential 8% Exfoliating Serum. Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin. Next, follow that with an antioxidant to fight free radicals and brighten the skin like Triple Vitamin C Serum. Finally, end with the Soothing Moisture Cream or another cream for your skin type.

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