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Do you have a treatment for rosacea?

Asked by Karen Brown 3 Rep.
Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your question. I think of rosacea as almost a hybrid between acne and eczema, with the inflammatory red pimples and cysts of acne,and the skin sensitivity and inflammation of eczema… with disproportionate redness.


In people who have Rosacea, certain factors aggravate it. Some of the most important are unprotected sun exposure, alcohol consumption, stress, cold weather, exercise, many foods such as spices, hot beverages and dairy… and even certain skincare products.

While Rosacea can’t be “cured” it can definitely be controlled by oral and topical medicines and lifestyle modifications, all of which I suggest you discuss with your dermatologist to find the right treatment options for you.

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