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Does Fish Oil help with acne?

Asked by May

Hi Doctor, I want to know if Fish Oil helps with acne? Does it make your skin oilier? I am currently taking Minocycline and YAZ to control my acne and oiliness. Does it help?

May answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    To my knowledge, taking fish oil internally has no helpful role in acne but it also is not harmful and does not make your skin oilier. Of course, if you have acne you should not apply fish oil (or any other) to your skin.

    Minocycline and YAZ (together and each individually) are both very helpful in controlling acne and oiliness. Just be aware that it is thought that any antibiotic can defeat the contraceptive effect (but not the anti-acne benefit) of all birth control pills so if one is using the Yaz for contraception than strong consideration should be given to using an additional second form of contraception.

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