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Glycolic acid serum

Asked by Ely 1.86K Rep.

Hi Dr.Schultz, Is it possible to get dry eye using glycolic acid serum on your face? I started using retin A (pea size- never had irritation on skin) few weeks ago using it once a week for 3 weeks but by week 3 my eyes were suffering terrible itchiness and dry and burn sensation. I stopped using the cream and I visited my eye doctor. He gave me some eye drops and told me to stop using the cream retin A until my eyes got better. So after a week I decided to try glycolic acid serum 15% 3.7ph ( you leave it on at night) and I started using it every 2 nights and after 3 applications my eyes started to bother me again (no so bad like retin A). Do you think that my eyes are allergic to acids? what do you recommend to do? Should I visit a dermatologist?

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