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How do I get rid of brown spots from sun damage?

Asked by Amber 3 Rep.

I just started getting brown spots on my face that I’m assuming is sun damage. I’ve recently started being in the sun a lot more since we got a pool and I have been putting neutrogena facial suncreen on. A day in the sun last week I got a few more spots on my forehead and in the past 2 weeks I have gotten spots above my lip where it looks like I have a mustache and makeup doesn’t cover it much on the mustache part. I have a bunch on my cheeks and I won’t leave the house without makeup on now. I want to be able to not to have to wear foundation. How can I get rid of these spots and protect my skin in the future when being in the sun?

Amber answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    First, be sure to wear sunscreen every day. I recommend an SPF of 15-50, like BeautyRx’s Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen. This is important because it’s easier to prevent future damage! I recommend my patients use a Vitamin C Serum like BeautyRx’s Triple Vitamin C Serum each night after exfoliating. It’s an effective antioxidant that can help you achieve brighter, more even skin. There are several types of brown spots that require different methods of treatment, and may be harder to treat with at-home products. I’d see your local dermatologist so he or she can see the spots and provide a method of removal. 

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