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How can I get rid of hairline and forehead acne?

Asked by Katie 3 Rep.

I have recently noticed that I have more prominent forehead and hairline acne. When I first noticed it, I used a bunch of drugstore products which then caused me to break out all over my face. The acne, most prominently on the forehead and hairline is mostly little red bumps. I don’t know which product to use for these or what the cause is,

Katie answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Hi Katie, thanks for sharing your question. Acne is a very common problem– you’re not alone! I recommend visiting a dermatologist to create a skincare plan for eliminating your acne. My DermTV video explains a bit more about adult acne and potential treatments: One cause of hairline acne that I mention in the video is hair products you use in the shower like conditioner could be causing hairline breakouts if not rinsed properly. Also make sure your skincare products are oil-free, as that can trigger breakouts as well.

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