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How do peptide creams work?

Asked by Sarah 1.86K Rep.

Hi Dr. Schultz,

I have a question about peptide products. I remember you mentioned that peptide creams are beneficial for someone in their 20’s (as well as others). I don’t know much about peptide creams, how do they work?

Do you think it would be worth including a peptide cream into a skin care routine that already includes antioxidants, sunscreen, and exfoliants during the day (day), and antioxidants and retinoid products at night? If so, where do peptide creams fit in?

Thanks so much.

Sarah answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Peptide creams work by fooling the body into thinking that collagen is “broken” and therefore the body needs to make more collagen. While you are currently using what I believe are the three daily essential skin care ingredients — a sunscreen, an exfoliant, and antioxidants — I do recommend peptide creams as the 4th ingredient and you should use it at bedtime. The order of application with your antioxidants and retinoid products is determined by the relative weight of those products.

    Dr. Schultz answered

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