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Husbands unexplained rash, painful sex and transmitting to wife

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He has been to the doctor at least 4 times. Rash in buttocks, scrotum. Behind knees, ears and eyelids. The creams do very little, was recently on Predesone which helped but cant be long term. We notice it during sex during that time as well. Uncomfortable for the both of us. He is better now however he says it itches a bit behind his ears and a bit on his scrotum. He applied the cream Predesone cream. Afraid its coming back. I now feel like I have something coming on as well. I have a couple bumps on my legs and arms that really itch. Some under my breast and noticed it down there during sex as well. Im not sure if what I have is what he has because he did not have the small bumps that itch like I do. I am taking some homeopathics of Bactestat . The itching has subsided but the bumps are stlll here and random ones appear and itch. They has lessoned a lot. Not sure if we are sharing something or not.

so asked
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