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I have 2 small Hypertrophic scar after chickenpox and I want them gone, what do you suggest?

Asked by Chime Dolkar 3 Rep.

I have 2 small Hypertrophic scar after chickenpox. One over my right chest and the other on my right side of stomach just above my bellybutton around my waist area. I’ve had it for over 10 years now. I used silicone gel that flattened the one on my chest, but both of them are still visible. I tried derma rollers, no luck. Both scars almost match my skin tone but not exactly, they are a little brown pigmented. Please help me I want them gone, is there any way to cure it and have a smooth layer of skin? What do you suggest?

Chime Dolkar answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your question. You’re in luck! I created a DermTV video about how to treat chickenpox scars: In this video, I discuss the best way to correct the appearance of scars.

    For the most effective treatment, see a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

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