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Is it OK to use baby oil as makeup remover?

Asked by Michelle

I have oily and acne prone skin, so when I wash my face at night, I like to be sure I get all the makeup and debris off of my face by using a make-up remover, but I made a switch to using baby oil because it’s cheaper on the wallet. Recently, I heard using baby oil can be bad for the skin and it’s much better to use olive oil. Is this true? Could I continue to be getting acne because of trying to remove makeup with baby oil? Thank you for your time on this matter.

Michelle answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    It’s best not to use any oils on oily or acne prone skin because they can be comedogenic, which means they can cause blackheads and/or whiteheads and aggravate acne in general. As an inexpensive way to remove makeup, try Cetaphil cleanser.

    Dr. Schultz answered

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