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need regimen for aging in my early 60’s

Asked by Shelley 3 Rep.

I am 60 years old.  Need regimen for aging/wrinkles.  I have the parenthesis lines around my mouth and some wrinkles on my forehead.

Shelley answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Hi there! Great question. If you visit this link you can take my quiz which will provide with you a skin care regimen that fits your needs.

    For aging and wrinkles, I recommend exfoliating every night, following with an antioxidant like Triple Vitamin C Serum, and then a moisturizer like our Soothing Moisture Cream. This nightly regimen will help create smoother, softer, even looking skin. I also recommend that all my patients use a sunscreen every day to prevent future wrinkles and fine lines.

    Dr. Schultz edited answer

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