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How do I care for my acne?

Asked by Terra 3 Rep.

I have experienced at me for the past 10 years of my life. I am healthy. I drink plenty of water. I eat good foods. I don’t wear make up on a regular basis. Only on occasion. I wash my face twice a day. I have tried it all. Everything you could imagine. I did go to the dermatologist a few years ago and they put me on proactive only to find out I did not work. I have not been back because they stay with me in the wrong direction and I didn’t want to spend my money. Hoping you can help me out.

Terra answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Hi Terra, acne is very common. Many of my patients ask me how to treat their acne. Here’s what I tell them. First, exfoliate every evening with a glycolic exfoliant. Second, use a spot treatment with salicylic acid. Then use a cleanser and a moisturizer. All products need to be oil-free or non-comedogenic. Seek the help of a dermatologist, who may suggest regular extractions, or accutane.

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