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Order to apply sunscreen when used with serums?

Asked by L 3 Rep.

Hi Dr. Schultz,

I have a multi-step morning skincare routine that involves cleansing, toner; essence/serum, moisturizer. I usually either apply a moisturizer with SPF, or sunscreen on top of the moisturizer.

I’ve watched your videos on sunscreen and they all indicate sunscreen should go on the clean skin first, before the moisturizer. Could you clarify if I should use sunscreen even before the essence/serum step? Serums are usually of lighter consistency, and they seem fairly hard to get absorbed if applied after sunscreen. Could you shed some light on this please?


L answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Great question! When the FDA tests sunscreen, it’s the only thing placed on the skin. As a result, I want you to best mimic that (ie. sunscreen first). As a result, there is a chance could it work just as well with something underneath, but someone would have to test that. But until someone does, since sunscreen is the most important product, I like to use it in the way that it’s tested and proven. I tell my patients to cleanse, tone, use sunscreen and moisturizer in AM and all treatments like glycolic exfoliation and Vitamin C in the PM, as to not interfere with sunscreen. I’m happy to hear you are on top of your sunscreen use!

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