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Recovering from a mole removal

Asked by Lisa

I had a mole shaved off on July 28, upper thigh area. Small area that he removed, but I’d had to have a scar there. What is the best way to heal the area? I’ve been putting bacitracin on it every day since the 28th and covering with a band-aid. When I take the band-aid off to shower, the area looks really white – I’m guessing from the band-aid. After showering, I let it air dry a bit (looks more skin colored) before putting on ointment on it again. How long will it take to heal? Does the area looking white mean its healing? Best treatment so long term I don’t have a scar? I don’t want it to “breathe” b/c then it will scab? Right now the area around it, small circle, the skin is red – area just looks like it has a little divet of skin missing.

Lisa answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    A mole removed from the thigh by the shave technique usually takes about 3 weeks to heal. Your description of your care is almost perfect. Reapply the bacitracin and bandaid at least 4 times/day, leave the bandaid on in the shower and change it right after the shower (after reapplying the bacitracin)without delay.. The white color is from the (good) moisture the bandaid is keeping in. You are correct that we don’t want it to breathe because air exposure promotes scabbing which is bad. The thin red circle around the wound is normal and is the increased blood supply bringing nutrients to the wound to help with healing. You are doing a great job.

    Dr. Schultz answered

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