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Removing and preventing ticks?

Asked by Paul

With the summertime and outdoor leisure activities becoming more prevalent, the risk of being bitten by ticks also increases. What is the best way to remove a tick from yourself and/or children? What’s the best method of prevention?

Paul answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Very important question, thanks. I have never found a foolproof way to disengage a tick despite having tried the common ways of heating the back of the tick or trying to smother it in Vaseline so I wind up having to remove them with a minor surgical procedure. In this season I treat 1 to 2 patients each week with an embedded tick. For prevention, Deet products between 20 and 50 % are best. Also, daily self-exams for ticks to find them before they become too deeply embedded is very helpful.

    Dr. Schultz answered

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