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Sensitive Skin and Peel & Glow Kit

Asked by GS

Hello Dr Schultz,

I just got the Peel & Glow kit, and I have slightly sensitive skin that has sometimes reacted to over-exfoliation with acids from other brands in the past. Should I start out using the Tetrafoliant 8% Peel Solution less than every night – perhaps every other night? I would continue to use the Triple Vitamin C Serum twice a day.

I also purchased the Gentle Cleanser, Toner, Gentle Exfoliating Eye Cream, Intensive Hydrating Peptide Cream, Instant Shield Multi-Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40, and Tetrafoliant® 10% Body Lotion. So excited and loving it.

I found that the Toner burned a bit and I got a little red when I applied it with a cotton pad – is it okay to just spray the Toner directly on my face?

Thank you!

GS asked
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