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Since I damaged my lips by getting 10% glycolic acid on them years ago, can anything ever repair my lips to normal?

Asked by Debbie Sikora

I just read an article (in which you’re expertise is referenced) online at Viabuff. The article was “Should You Exfoliate Your Lips” I mistakenly put 10% glycolic acid on my lips a few years ago and damaged my lips. I now have problems with dryness, tightness, sensitivity to acidic foods and salt. More importantly, I am always picking up conditions, such as yeast infections, on my lips. It is horrible and my main concern is getting skin cancer of the lips. I keep gentle lip balms on them always and zinc lip sunscreen when going out. Is there any hope of any procedure or medication to remedy this after my having obviously removed my outer lip skin layer?

Thank you for your time.

Debbie Sikora asked
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