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Skin bumps & painful ligions on skin & now scalp post stress

Asked by Carrol

I pray desperately you\’ll be able to help me. For The Last 5 Years about six months after my total knee replacement I started getting burning itching sores an extra skin all over my body. Mostly on my forearms abdomen thighs and calves. I\’ve been to 6 dermatologist. One of them said they were milia and she showed me how I could exercise them and sure enough these little cyst came out which were in the corner of the sores they started to heal but then they got worse. Eventually after every stressful time the sores healed but little white skin spots with just little lumps of skin started forming all over my body.  Some had hard cyst inside others just skin. I just had gallbladder surgery and this is the second time they have started forming on my scalp. After the surgery I felt like I had a severe Sun burn on my scalp. That subsided but The painful itching didn’t. The scalp lesions are brown sometimes White sometimes yellow. Some of them have round circles of skin around them and little white bumps sticking up that itch and burn. There’s little sore spots all over my scalp. I\’ve used tea tree oil to remove some because it feels better after I’ve removed them.  but little cyst fall off my scalp all the time. My doctor did a punch biopsy on my arm and I was diagnosed with the lynchen syndrome. The only treatment was not to touch them. I did that for a long time and eventually they went away it took three years. now all the sores on my head are back. If I don’t take some of the skin that spikes up from my skull Away by tea tree oil by just digging them out or combing them out they just get worse. The white skin that coats my hair follicles gets so thick that I am walking up with pain and discomfort & itching every night. I used to just get sores in my mouth and at the very top of my nose which a dentist diagnosed as burchett syndrome. I’ve controlled mouth sores with a.c. venegar A doctor in ER saw the lesions on my scalp and said that was part of berchettes syndrome. but I still don\’t have a treatment .there are little white skin things that are forming again on my skin especially where the skin was cut or needles were stuck in. I have blue colored scars on my calves that I cannot seem to get rid of even with exfoliation. I have fibromyalgia and my doctor keeps cutting my pain medication. whenever she does that the withdrawals cause so much discomfort that I break out with more lesions on my skin. I don\’t want to take opiates I\’m tired of being in pain everyday.& hate being dependant on opiates. I need to take care of my skin but I\’m so depressed I have chronic fatigue and just taking care of my skin is about all I can do. but I\’m not even doing that well. I have no one to help me and I need to move out of this house before the end of August because we can\’t afford the mortgage anymore. I sleep almost all the time. I\’ve done everything I can to be healthy. honestly I feel like taking my life I am tired of trying so hard just to get out of bed and take care of myself that I can\’t get anything done and I have no one to help me. I have prayed and prayed. I feel like I have no purpose in this life anymore. if there\’s any way you could help me I would like to send you some pictures of the lesions and the things that are falling off of my scalp and my skin. You can see the white spots everywhere with a magnifying glass. I even went to a neurologist who did absolutely nothing for me. Please help me Dr Schlitz. I know you can..

Carrol asked
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