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Treating keratosis pilaris?

Asked by Silvia

Hello Dr. Schultz, I have a few questions.

1) I have keratosis pilaris on the side of my face,the upper sides of my arms, my back sides,buttocks, my upper and lower legs sides.

2)What can I do to diminish this, I know there is no known cure. Can I exfoliate and use my creams, I have 100% Unrefined pure shea butter?

2) Oh! can I use my loofah sponge on my face to exfoliate as well?

3) Can I exfoliate on dry skin, face and body Too, and use my lotions like I normally do?

Thank You So Much For Your Time. Silvia

Silvia answered
    Dr. Schultz 1.86K Rep.

    Any form of exfoliation helps to control keratosis pilaris. That means it gets better when you treat it but may come back if you stop. I prefer chemical exfoliants (more gentle and better control) like glycolic and salicylic for it rather than physical exfoliants like loofahs. And yes, you can use your regular lotions after you exfoliate.

    Dr. Schultz answered

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